Friday, March 16, 2012

Spirelli Photo Frame

Always finding new things I'd like to try while browsing the web.....scarey how much time I can spend doing that!  It's called Spirelli.  Looks like the old spirograph toy I remember as a child.  You weave embroidery floss around a shaped circle and, depending on how many petals you skip and wrap, you get different patterns.  I thought to myself, how cute would this be as a frame for a photo for here is what I came up with.  I adhered metal foil tape to some cardstock and then cut the flower out with my die cutting machine.  I embossed it with my Big Kick and added alcohol inks to color it.  Glued the picture down and then started winding the floss.  It looked cute just like that, but oh how we love to embellish!  Again used my die cutting machine (I have a Zing and love it!) to cut the spirals out for the roses and then the leaves.  I colored the roses with a watered down metallic paint and glued them all on.  I found the dream embellishment in my stash (wished I had another saying handy but it would have to do) and thought it would look cute hanging down for a little added fun (this was added as I did the winding of the floss).  The second picture is of the back.  I cut out another, smaller scallop shape from the metal foil covered cardstock.  I embossed it as well and added alcohol inks to it too.  I think I might glue a magnet on the back so it can be put on a fridge.  This is a picture of my girlfriends's a little gift I'm sending her.....hope she doesn't check my blog! :)


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